Spartan // Ninja 




Crafting the Element of Light on the Road

Powerful Images // Wicked Fast

Photo by  Camie Liest

   Hey there, my name's Zero.  For over 15 years I've been working in the film and


television industry as an actor and a stuntman; this is where I began learning how


everything is created behind the scenes.  From there I began assisting 2nd unit


directors and then making videos for indie projects.  After 10 years of honing my


craft behind camera, I distilled what I learned and took it on the road across the


states. I remove all superfluous elements and pretenses, strip down everything to


the essentials of what is required to live and create effectively as a nomad of the


digital age.   Above are a few short videos of my work, with about 50 more spread


across the multiple pages with navigation above.  Below shows a few of my past


film and tv credits with an old personal front-of-camera reel.