Terra // Across The Earth 




Nature.  Exploration.  Adventure.

     In the last decade, I've spent about 4 years traveling out of modified campers; first a gutted 1987 GMC Suburban and currently a 2008 Honda Element.  In 2015 I logged about 50,000 miles exploring the continent, traversing through all the states except Alaska.  Growing up in Hawai'i instilled a strong affinity with nature and a longing for the outdoors that hasn't left me since I moved stateside 17 years ago.  

A trailer of adventures, aerial and travel reel. 

Wandering amongst feral horses on Cumberland Island National Seashore, Medieval fun on the North Coast, and coverage of the Kinetic Sculpture Grand Championship.  The Timber Heritage Foundation, which restores old trains is featured first on the 2nd row, followed by a video of Arcata's Oyster Festival.  All videos were donated to their respective organizations.  The last piece was made for my cousin in Japan after hanging out at one of his baseball practices.

     The project below is incomplete and a bit unpolished due to a hard drive failure several years ago.  I'm leaving it here not as a professional showcase, but because there's no other piece I have that's covered so much ground - jungles and mountains of Hawai'i, NYC, ghost towns of the Four Corners, Rosarito Beach and Tecate in Mexico, and training with old friends by the Santa Monica pier.  What a waste if I didn't share it, right?