Animus // The Heart-Mind 




Messages.  Emotions.  Connections.

     Nice shots, but can you tell a story?  A question that served as a challenge from many of my past mentors.  It reminded me of harsh casting directors asking models "you're pretty, but can you deliver a line?"  A spectacle alone rarely delivers anything outside of a sensory experience unless a message is weaved into it.  Creating an emotional impact is an art of engineering and intuition; a controlled synesthesia.

The first video shows the traditional native process of farm to table.  Trigger warning as it does contain live butchering.  Next is a fan-film based on Marvel's Daredevil universe created in 2015.  It was shot in Athens, Georgia in a course of two days using first-time actors, and a budget of $50.  The 3rd piece is a concept-trailer for a spec sci-fi project, shot out in the wastelands of the Salton Sea in 2011. 

A PSA to rally support for making use of Humboldt County's old train tracks by using rail bikes, a 30-second spot for a keto meal prep service, and an adoption video for Bob the dog.

A cinematic "first looks" for a wedding followed by a long-format of a ceremony in the redwoods with a reception party combined into one piece.  Full disclosure: wedding are not my thing.  If you're interested in hiring me there's 2 conditions: no bridezillas and I get to wear jeans and sneakers.  Heavy discount if you dress up like superheroes.

A little promo that was created for a glass blowing company while I was teaching a filmmaking workshop, followed by a recruitment video for a real estate company and a listing of a property.