Equus // Horses 




Grace.  Beauty.  Empathy.

     I had to give these beings a page of their own.  Working at the Colorado Springs Therapeutic Riding Center introduced me to the world of equines.  The emotional and spiritual grounding brought back by being around these magnificent, sensitive animals during a tumultuous period of my life made me seek their company out wherever I moved.  Some of their owners have been quite awesome as well..especially the ones that shoot arrows off of them. 

Two farriers; one in Colorado Springs and one who specializes in donkeys!  Followed by Korobi Stables in Fortuna, California.

Two custom pieces from the Skyhorse Saddle Company, and a short video highlighting the life of Lisa Skyhorse; an American Cowgirl.   Shot in Durango, Colorado where Skyhorse is based.

HEAVY METAL PONY CARTING!!  Followed by riding reels shot across the North Coast featuring some horseback archers.

Featurettes of two individual horses then Clydesdales, Clydesdales, and how to braid a Clydesdale.  I love Clydesdales.  I wasn't going to put the braiding video on here but for some reason it's got the most hits of all the horse videos, so here ya go.