Motus // Movement 




Focus.  Power.  Flow.

     Chasing after American Ninja Warrior-class parkour and freerunning experts while trying to keep a steady hand = pulling focus on hard mode.  Anticipation of movement with rehearsals is one thing, tracking it in chaotic environments is a completely different animal.  On horseback, hanging out of a car, or tracking a hawk at 960mm; sometimes you gotta shoot before you think. 

Bullfighters Only - it's parkour with bulls...and wrecks.  A day 4x4'ing in Gunnison, CO and an extended version


of the Camaro from the front page, giving a nod to Michael Bay's style of cinematography.

BMX'ing in Humboldt County followed by views of the area from sky and sea.

Four freerunning videos done nearly a decade ago, a firedancer and a sweet old Ford..